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A Programming Note

So I didn’t get around to posting this Tuesday, and last Tuesday, I didn’t get a full video up. This isn’t a planned trend as much as an impromptu reshuffling of my life and schedule; it’s hard to get one’s footing upon starting a big project with big goals and lots of snark. So I’ve decided to reformat for the time being.

First: I’m going to be writing at least once a week, with a post on Tuesdays, but there can be posts at random between the “official” ones.

Second: I will be aiming to do a longer video (15-20 minutes) once a month rather than once a week, because the quick turnover is killer!

Third: I will be trying out a weekly podcast (again, 15-20 minutes) around March 23, because I am obviously deeply in love with the sound of my own mellifluous and terrific voice. /sarcasm

Fourth and finally: I started with the idea of asking questions and answering them, and I don’t want to lose that fundamental idea. The willingness to question what we think we know, what we believe, what we want and what we need from each other is a major part of being good citizens. I’m just gently shifting how we approach those kinds of questions here. But feedback is always appreciated, and I hope that these new efforts will help this project contribute┬áto a healthier and more empowered civil society.

What Is Citizenship?

Ask yourself, and answer.

That’s the first rule. It’s the hardest to stick to, because knowledge is power, but it is also pain. Sometimes we don’t want to ask ourselves the question; sometimes we take shortcuts on the answers. But being an active part of the United States – getting involved in its questions and solutions – means asking yourself first.

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