About Me

I’m exactly what one would expect of someone at the helm of this project: a complete neophyte whose only qualification is being a citizen of the United States. A born Brooklyn girl at heart and in practice, I love American democracy, metaphors, the Oxford comma, and cheese. You’ll find me watching Ken Burns’s documentaries, searching for delicious food, or desperately trying to teach my fellow citizens about their collective power.

Citizen Zero started because I wanted to do something about the repeated problems I was seeing in my fellow citizens and the lack of communication about very basic tenets of our government and election process. So now I’m working on channeling all my energy at you guys instead of piling it on my adorable but beleaguered boyfriend. (Sorry, hon!)

So hopefully my love of metaphors, pop culture references and general snarkiness won’t put you off, and we can work on what it means to be American together.

You can send your support or invective to citizenzeromail (at) gmail.com