A Programming Note

So I didn’t get around to posting this Tuesday, and last Tuesday, I didn’t get a full video up. This isn’t a planned trend as much as an impromptu reshuffling of my life and schedule; it’s hard to get one’s footing upon starting a big project with big goals and lots of snark. So I’ve decided to reformat for the time being.

First: I’m going to be writing at least once a week, with a post on Tuesdays, but there can be posts at random between the “official” ones.

Second: I will be aiming to do a longer video (15-20 minutes) once a month rather than once a week, because the quick turnover is killer!

Third: I will be trying out a weekly podcast (again, 15-20 minutes) around March 23, because I am obviously deeply in love with the sound of my own mellifluous and terrific voice. /sarcasm

Fourth and finally: I started with the idea of asking questions and answering them, and I don’t want to lose that fundamental idea. The willingness to question what we think we know, what we believe, what we want and what we need from each other is a major part of being good citizens. I’m just gently shifting how we approach those kinds of questions here. But feedback is always appreciated, and I hope that these new efforts will help this project contributeĀ to a healthier and more empowered civil society.

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