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Week 3 – Do We Look Or Do We See?

We have purpose: to be active and responsible citizens. We have knowledge: the search for truth both from our world and within ourselves. Now, we also have a core: worldviews that anchor us to our best selves in our best imagining.

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What Can We Hear When We Listen?

It started with excuses.

“But they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I heard it somewhere!”

“Why would he/she/they lie?”

“You’re on the other side; of course you’re going to say that.”

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What Is Citizenship?

Ask yourself, and answer.

That’s the first rule. It’s the hardest to stick to, because knowledge is power, but it is also pain. Sometimes we don’t want to ask ourselves the question; sometimes we take shortcuts on the answers. But being an active part of the United States – getting involved in its questions and solutions – means asking yourself first.

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